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All H&F Series Engines Have The Same Deck Height!

If all H&F series engines have the same deck height, what does that mean? That means that you can put F23 parts in an H22. Or H22 parts in an F23. Or H23 parts in an H22. Or F22 parts in an F23..... You get the idea.

Why does this matter? Unlike B-series engines, which all have different deck heights and means they must use different length rods whether you're building a B16, B18a or B18c. In the H&F Series world, since the deck height is the same for all H&F series it means that you can swap rotating assemblies easily. Just match your crank to your rods and pistons, then you can put that rotating assembly into any H&F series block. For example, if you have an H23 crank, rods and pistons, but you don't have an H23 block don't worry! You can install that assembly into an F23, or and H22, or even an F20b. You'll just need to consider the bore size and the main journal diameter. 

MAIN JOURNAL DIAMETER: Of course there are exceptions. While the more popular H&F series have 55mm mains, some of the early 90's blocks use smaller mains. Here's the list of main journal diameters by block: 
H22A = 50mm
H22A1 = 50mm
H22A4 = 55mm
H22A4 = 50mm (1997 Only)
H23A = 55mm
H23A1 = 50mm
F20A = 50mm
F20B = 55mm
F22A = 50mm
F22B = 50mm
F22B1 = 50mm
F22B2 = 50mm
F23A = 55mm

The H22a1, H23a1 and F22 blocks have 50mm mains. These are the engines in early 90's Preludes and Accords. (they're easily identified because they're closed deck, see picture below). These engines will only accept cranks that have 50mm main journals. So you won't be putting F23 rotating assemblies or any 55mm H&F series rotating assemblies into your engine if you have this earlier version of an H22, H23 or F22. BUT you can swap F22 cranks into your early H22 or H23 and have a sleeper stroker!


H22A block = 87mm/3.425
H22A1 block = 87mm/3.425
H22A4 Block = 87mm/3.425
H23A block = 87mm/3.425
H23A1 block = 87mm/3.425
F20A block = 85mm/3.346
F20B block = 85mm/3.346
F22A block = 85mm/3.346
F22B block = 85mm/3.346
F22B1 block = 85mm/3.346
F22B2 block = 85mm/3.346
F23A block = 86mm/3.385

For more information, the holy grail of H&F Series information is on and shoutout to @Hondaccord the user who put together the list. 

*There are other considerations, like which cylinder head you plan on using. I'm gonna keep this one short like most people's attention span. Contact me for details on cylinder head compatibility. 

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  • Hi ks tuned I am thinking of building a g23 build with h22a head would love some help and where to get start I’m new to this h/f series engines cheers.

    Omar Mcdonald
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