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Jan 2, 2019

How Can I Tell If I Have A Blown Head Gasket?

Blown head gaskets are rare, but they do happen and it’s almost never the fault of the gasket itself. The gasket is just the weakest link in the chain. Think of it like a fuse that blows first if there’s too much pressure. The problem is that the fuse doesn’t blow right away, first it starts to slowly give out and if you catch it early it’s not a big deal!

Aug 4, 2016

Power is the easy part, you need ballast!

I've been into drag racing since I turned 16, and I've always found it interesting how FWD cars would lose so much g...

Jul 25, 2016

To Spray or not to Spray

Well...sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do I guess! but holy smokes... sometimes these nitrous installs are pret...

Jul 21, 2016

Hydraulic Handbrakes aren't only for race cars

Imagine that you're at the track about to make a pass. You've just done your burnout and now you're staging. This is ...

Jul 19, 2016

All H&F Series Engines Have The Same Deck Height!

If all H&F series engines have the same deck height, what does that mean? That means that you can put F23 parts i...

May 23, 2016

How much does 1,200 HP cost? (Part 1)

How much does 1,200 HP cost? $74,172... let that sink in for a minute.

May 20, 2016

How to add crankcase ventilation to your H&F block.

Hey KS Fam, I get asked this question all the time: "How do I add extra crankcase ventilation to my H&F series en...
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