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KS Tuned H2b Oil Pan

What’s different about this Oil Pan?

The H2b oil pan is designed specifically for H2b swaps. The engine sits at a completely different angle in H2b swapped cars and with the stock oil pan you can’t even drain your oil! The KAIZENSPEED H2b oil pan is made from cast aluminum and provides over an inch of additional ground clearance so lowered cars don’t knock a hole in the pan. We also locate the oil pickup tube where it can actually pick up oil (what a concept!).

We originally made a sheet metal version in 2011 and we couldn’t get the cost low enough so we had to scrap the project. Now in 2015…. by casting the pan, the cost can be low enough where people actually want to buy it… BUT it requires BIG $$ in tooling and up-front cost. We want to help out the H2b community by making this project a reality and if you participate you get in at a discounted price.


What’s out there now?

A well-known oil pan manufacturer worked with another company and copied our H2b pan concept. They sell a sheet metal pan for $575 and it leaks because they don’t use a gasket where the pan meets the rear main seal. The KAIZENSPEED H2b oil pan does use a gasket to ensure no leaks!


What about oil starvation, does this pan have baffles?

Oil starvation is handled in two ways:

  1. This pan holds more oil than a stock pan

  2. The oil pickup is located low and near the walls of the pan so it uses the walls of the pan to keep the pickup submerged

*Baffles and any additional features can be added, but it may add cost. We’ll make this pan however the H2b community wants it!



Step 1: Need 50 pre-paid customers

Step 2: Machine the tooling (Tooling is the “mold” to pour the cast aluminum into)

Step 3: Pour a sample casting

Step 4: Ensure fitment of the sample

Step 5: Move into production casting and machining. The pan must first be cast, then it must be machined afterwards.

Production pans will be ready 6 weeks after the sample part is approved

The tentative price is $425. That price is solid unless the pan gets too elaborate with baffling and other creative features. Pre-pay participants will get it for $325 plus shipping. I can add any features that the community wants such as baffling and oil drain bungs. If the features get too elaborate it will add cost. But we can make it however the community wants!


Click HEr


When do I have to pay to receive the pre-paid price?

No later than Friday March 20, 2015


How much will this cost if I don’t pre-pay?

Scheduled to sell for $425


 Current customers ready to pre-pay: 

1. Yvette N Stevie - PAID
2. Randy Brent - PAID
3. Haywood Baker
4.Josh Longstreet - PAID
5. Xavier El Bostel
6.Brandon Engelmohr - PAID
7. Jered Bond - PAID
8. Bvalentin Robles
9. Monti hunter - PAID
10. Ricky burk
11. Torsten Dietze
12. Joe stranahan - PAID
13. Donovan lim-apo
14. Robert Antonio
15. Carlos olacio - PAID
16. Eychwodee fatboytuning eegeesix
17. Wendell greenidge
18. Linh tran
19. Ivan E. Kurtz - PAID
20. Patrick Robinson - PAID
21. Taylor Hartley - PAID
22. Robby Biron - PAID
23. Jozef gadowski
24. Caleb wheeler - PAID
25. Lem Perez
26. Jonathan Tabora - PAID
27. Jon stepp.
28. Javier Silverio - PAID
29. Jeffery Michael Cruz liriano
30. Hector Gonzalez jr. - PAID
31. Michael Webb - PAID
32.C Ridgell
33. Rudy Alvarez
34.costa grammenos
35.david lopez sepulveda - PAID
36. Danny solorzano.
37. Brian cappotti - PAID
38. Gama valdez
39. Don anthony salinas - PAID
40. Javy htwob jr./Javier Rodriguez - PAID
41. Steven gomez - PAID
42. Max almonte
43. Barrett law
44. Daniel cottone
45.maxime desrochers
46. Ivan ramos - PAID
47. Jared shawwaf
48. Stephen cardenas
49.pascal bérubé

50. Warren werner - PAID
51: David henao

People who are PAID but were not on the list:

52: Chris Vega - PAID
53: Waldo Salazar - PAID
54: Anival Mendoza - PAID
55: Robert Aldred - PAID
56: Alexa Caraballo - PAID
57: Miguel Polanco - PAID

58: Adrian Padilla - PAID

59: Cameron Bailey - PAID

60: Corey Ellis - PAID




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