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Hary’s 62mm FIS-class H2b


Forced Induction Sport, 62mm H2b

We got the car up and running in June on a shelf PTE 6266 and stock head. It was supposed to be a daily driver so we didn’t do anything about the weight… until this year. The build consists of:

-Benson Sleeved H22a4 block
-Wiseco pistons (off-the-shelf), 9:1
-Eagle Rods
-KAIZENSPEED Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit
-KAIZENSPEED H22 Timing Tensioner
-ARP Headstuds
-Skunk2 Pro1 cams and Supertech valvetrain
-Stock port head

-Golden Eagle Intake manifold and fuel rail
-Blox 76mm Throttle Body

-Stock transmission
-EVO H2b kit
-Competition Clutch H2b Twin disk (C-plate)
-EG front subframe and a manual steering EG rack

-PTE 6266 divided T4 inlet
-KAIZENSPEED H2b forward facing divided T4 exhaust manifold w/ support
-TiAl 60mm wastegate
-KAIZENSPEED ballast bar (holds the radiator and intercooler, completely replaces the lower radiator support)

-Hondata S300
-Injector Dynamics ID2000 injectors
-Stock distributor and stock ignition

-All fabrication done in-house at KS

First time out the car went 11.1 at about 2700 lbs (300+ big ****** driving) and 101 F. From there we slowly started to dial the car in. Turned the boost up a bit, and added some boost in second gear. In October the car went a 10.36 at 143mph but it was still a fat pig, DVD player and all!
We’re just finishing up the cage and chute mount now, this ******* car’s going on a diet! The engine has of course been flawless, we seriously can’t hurt these H22’s. In the past 10 years we have never lost a single headgasket, not even in the outlaw car, regardless of RPM, boost, or type of fuel. The H- and F- blocks are stout, I don’t want to say unbreakable but I’ve put a hurtin’ to quit a few 

New for 2014:
-KAIZENSPEED Rear Trailing Arms and staging brakes
-KAIZENSPEED Front Drag Brakes
-Finally going to remove the DVD player!
-Chromoly Cage and chute
-BelaK wheels
-Kirkey seats

The goal is 9.6x on a 62mm at 2400 lbs with a stock trans.

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