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Northwest Nights - Street Car Challenge

Northwest Nights Motorsports and bring you the 2014 Street Car Challenge "Search for the NW King" A dig and roll racing event at Bremerton Motorsports Park in Bremerton, WA. This was the first year for this event, the turn out was great, the weather could of been better but all in all this was a great event and everyone is looking forward to the next one.


Daniel Glass C5 Z06 Turbo 940whp
Marcus Hooper E36 328i Turbo 530whp
Sam Craft BMW Z3 Turbo 700whp
Chris Dempster C5 Z06 380whp
Dan Nguyen R35 GTR 520whp
Adam Bryan C6 Z06 TT 950whp
Reid Kaizen C6 Z06 S/C 650whp
Andy Krett VW R32 600whp+
Steve Berg V10 TDI Toureg 320whp
Brandon Englemor H22 N/A EG 300whp
Morris Malone N20 C6 ZR1 1020whp
Germaine Kendrick 300 SRT8 450whp
Josh Brown CTS-V 470whp
Asmir Kazic 2013 5.0 390whp
Levi Smith Mustang 5.0 420 420whp
Joe Burch 1968 Mustang CS 513whp
Will Medina Challenger SRT8 360whp
JP Medina Ram SRT10 460whp
Blake Henney 1990 Prelude 609whp
Matt Kaiser 1989 Fox Coupe 650whp
Bryan Howe LS2 C6 370whp / N20 Fox 370whp
Levi Smith 2005 srt10 ram 420whp
Chris Bell 2011 Mustang GT 411whp
Jim Bingenheimer 2006 Subaru Sti 460whp
Mitch Broehl 98 Nissan 240 600whp
Aaron Boyovich Buick Regal 300whp
Andy Nissen-Barber HPF E46 M3 650whp
Joe Kettenhofen Turbo LS6 Camaro 550whp
Scotty Scott R35 GTR 630whp
Peter Reeves 97 Jetta 225whp
Erik Bengston 2006 C6 Z06 510whp
David Baldwin 2002 Monte Carlo SS 220WHP
Gerardo Zavalza 88 CRX 550whp
Danny Joyce LSx S2000 400whp
Joshua Crabb 2011 Mustang V6 288whp
Vincent Lassri 03 Termi 550whp
Adrian Gonzales 2006 Corvette Z06 620whp
Eric Turner 95 DSM 700whp
Tim Robards FRC Vette 500whp
Travis Lamberson LS1 Trans Am 310whp
Derek Mayberry Turbo Camaro 700whp
Blake Deines LS2 GTO 350whp
Dusten Abell Ford Lightning 550whp
James Dounis GT500 610whp
Max Lobets Evo 8 440WHP
Mickey Norisada R35 GTR 600whp
Bryan Tallmadge E63 AMG 430whp
Josh Schifferl 2008 G8 GT 365WHP
Jas Turna Evo X 400WHP
Gideon Burt Evo 8 750whp
Mark Green 03 Termi 460whp
Jaime Pulley Foxbody 650whp
Will Lee Evo X 780WHP
Atif Awan Evo 8 940WHP
Lucas English 2011 CTS-V 880WHP
Matt Kunick 88 Civic Minivan 600whp
Jacob Carraway 97 Integra 255whp
Jeremy Partyka 95 M3 225whp
Omar Esparza 92 Civic 700whp
Mark Norisada C6 Z06 465whp
Christopher Heiser 1971 Dodge Dart 452 stroker 600+whp
Zach Clark 2003 Termi 600+whp
John Wood 91 Talon 850WHP
Yuri Piatnitsky 02 996T X50 550WHP
Carissa Thomon 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse 550WHP
Kayla McDowell 2004 Audi A4 220WHP
Brandon LeMaster E92 M3 340WHP
Dusten Abell 2013 S4 320whp
Ellis Groo
95 Z28/SS 400WHP
Max Holmes
2003 GT2 625WHP
Jacob Manley 2014 Ford Focus ST ?????
Joey Torina
2003 Termi 603WHP
Craig Trudgeon
2003 996 Turbo 550whp
Brian Trifts
2007 GT500 760WHP
Andrew Staley 92 92 Galant Vr-4 Unknown
Andrew Hynson 2001 Audi S4 Unknown
Jeremy Fu 2004 Sti 350whp
Tabrez 94 Viper Truck 450whp
Dan Spencer 06 Charger SRT8 400whp
Dustin Cannoy 1972 Nova 550WHP
Ricky Fujita(TeamOzzy) 2003 Evo GSR 450WHP
Chris Stewart TT C5 Z06 880WHP
Cody Kline 2004 Evo 434WHP
Mitchel Lewis E92 M3 390+WHP
Lindsay High 2001 Z06 340WHP
Zach Leitzke S2k 1000WHP
James A Baker 2007 300C SRT8 1000whp+
Randy K S Evo MR 400whp
Josh Altringer
2005 acr srt4 350WHP
Nathan Dorn 1988 Merkur Xr4ti 2.3T Unknown
Brandon Jones 2008 Evo MR 370whp
Lee Richards 2011 5.0 400whp
Khalid El-Ali S/C'd E92 M3
John White 05 Cayenne Turbo 450+WHP
Dillan Ortiz
09 Turbo Cobalt SS 330 whp
Micheal Ortiz 2003 Mustang Cobra 450whp
Zack Cade
2001 camaro SS est 400whp
Chris Baker
1970 Camaro 480whp
Martin Lotz evo 9 650whp
Mike Lott Ford Lightning 446whp
Mark Kao 2010 Challenger 360whp
Juan Gonzales Unknown Unknown
Troy Lincoln 2002 Z28 300+whp
Eric Studley
14 Focus ST 260WHP
Larry Gipson 68 BWW 2002 220WHP
Douglas Lai 2003 Termi 480WHP
Douglas Brodock 85 Mustang GT 200whp
Scott Coman EG Hatch 700whp
David Mendez Something Fast 800+whp
Aaron De Boer
2011 5.0 420WHP
Trevor Gorman 2014 Mitsubishi Evo 300ish WHP
Bobert Martin-vernon
96 Honda Civic 170WHP
Jeff Zimmisky 2009 Challenger 860+whp
Beau Johnson
2000 Camaro SS 370WHP
Briley Olson
2003 Termi 450whp
Randy Osborne
2014 Civic SI 200WHP
Tony Ramsdal 2005 Evo 650whp
Matt Engels
92 Civic Hatch 450whp
Edgar Alonso 92 GSR Swapped Hatch 170WHP
Adam Michael
1994 Eclipse GSX 500WHP
Jordan Owens B5 S4 370whp
Joel Burt
2008 S/C'd G8 GT 600WHP+
David Whitelaw 07 Z06
Richard Heim 92 Plymouth Laser RS 200WHP
Aaron Pierce Unknown Unknown
Seth Thomas
2014 GTR(VIP only) VIP
James Wilson 2011 STi 426WHP
Evan Myers
2014 Focus ST 235WHP
Will Hampton
'26 Dodge roadster 400WHP
Nick Engberg
90 FOX Unknown
Joe Martel
93 LX Fox 500WHP
Michael Tsao
1995 Audi UrS6 Avant 600WHP
Spencer Kalliainer
1991 Galant VR4 600WHP
Vyacheslav Golovchik
2014 Mustang GT 390WHP
Aaron Cooper
Unknown Unknown
Justus Steckman
97 Supra 600WHP+
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