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F20B/PCB/H23A Intake Manifold IACV Adapter

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The Rosko Racing IACV adapter plate is used when converting the F20B/PCB intake manifold's 3 wire IACV to a 2 wire H22 IACV. NOTE: Make sure that your manifold says PCB on it near the throttle body flange and that the IACV is located on the front of the manifold. There is more than one style of the F20B intake manifold so please make sure that your manifold is marked with the PCB designation and IACV is mounted on the front. This adapter will also work for some H23a manifolds with the same markings. IF you are unsure which F20b manifold you have please contact us via our contact form page.

If your factory IACV is mounted to the rear of the intake manifold, please see part # RR-200-011.

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