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H22 Euro-R IACV Relocation Kit

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The Rosko Racing H22 Euro-R IACV relocation kit kit is for relocating and adapting a USDM two wire H series Idle Air Control Valve on a H22 Euro-R intake manifold. These kits are used when there is not enough clearance between the firewall and back of the manifold for the regular IACV adapter to be used. This kit uses a thin plate attached to the back of the intake manifold with two rubber hoses running to the IACV mounting plate that can be remotely located under the intake manifold or anywhere else out of the way. Kit contains everything you need to relocate an H series IACV on your H22 Euro-R manifold. Note: This kit is designed only to work with the H22 Euro-R intake manifold.


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